Friday, February 29, 2008

More Sox News, The market is picking up....

Well, the next rite of spring has taken place, of course it needed to wait for the World Champion Boston Red Sox to get back from visiting the President. But the BC Eagles, and Northeastern, played their annual games against the big guys.

It wasn't pretty for the college kids, but as things go, it's not about the score but about the Sox getting in some playing and the college kids working out the kinks. It is their first outdoor excursion this year.

Neither college team lit up the park, but that's not what its about. It's a chance for everyone to have a little fun and play a game that means more for the memories of the college players than anything else.

It looks like they had fun. There are pictures at if you are interested in taking a look. The Boston Globe deserves props for some great pics.

Otherwise, the Real Estate market still seems to be heating up around here, like a good day in Florida, more properties are coming on the market everyday and some of them are very nice.

Buyers are also coming out, like bears out of hibernation, they are ready to go and they know what they want. Well priced properties are getting attention and things are selling.

If you are interested in discussing anything Real Estate (or Sox) related don't hesitate to drop me a line. I'm always up for a quick conversation.

Let me end this with a plea to the Heavens - No More Snow!

Go Sox!

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