Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring Training - Spring Market?

Some of the rites of spring around the Boston area are:

- the annual equipment truck leaving Fenway off to City of Palms Park
- pitchers and catchers arriving, and
- position players arriving at Spring Training.

Another rite of Spring around the Boston Area is the up-tick in the local real estate market.

Well, empirically, I can say that the spring market is here. Over the last few weeks properties have started to show-up on the market, folks are turning out for Open Houses in greater numbers than over the last few months and more folks are contacting me about their intentions for buying/selling their properties.

Like the first Crocus of the spring poking its shoots up through the ground, the first deals of the spring market are forming. Even though the snow is falling (once again) the feeling I get is one of hope from the folks that I talk with, that all though there is conversation about the mortgage issues of the past, and some conversation about a possible recession, there is still guarded hope and positive data that the market is still alive and healthy in the Boston Area.

BTW - I loved "Manny-being-Manny" over the last two days and I am very interested in how centerfield will shake out this year.

Go Sox!

- Geof

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